2014 Foundation Teacher Grantees continued:


Michele Jacobs

Mariners Elementary School

“iPads for Education”

Students will be more engaged and excited about learning each day.  iPads empower students to be partners in their own education.


Juliet Hilde

Eastbluff Elementary School

“Arts Alive in Kindergarten”

Kindergartners learn through hands-on experiential learning.  The proposed grant will offer our children ways of connecting learning through art by utilizing a variety of mediums.


Doreen Ross

Davis Magnet School

“21st Century Kindergarten Readers”

21st Century Kindergarten learners use iPod Nanos digital audio and video recording technology in an innovative way to learn how to read.


Lee Ann Griffin

Project Success Program

“Project Success Soars to New Heights”

We will take the N-MUSD Project Success Afterschool Program to new heights by bringing engaging and exciting Arts/Enrichment opportunities to students.  Let’s get ready to soar!


Jennifer Elmore

TeWinkle Middle School

“Our Community

This grant will give the gift of valuable real life experiences and community-based instruction to students with special needs.


Dennis Ashendorf

Back Bay High School

“Robots Take Over the World”

Boys and girls creating robots want to win the World Championship in Anaheim this May.  Materials and software make it happen.  These skills and experiences will  increase their abilities to advance in 21st century work.


Jose Poveda

Costa Mesa High School

“Rising Above Mediocrity”

Project “Rising Above Mediocrity” will provide manipulatives for students to explore math concepts and bring to life connections of algebra and geometry.


Julia Karjala

Newport Harbor High School

“3-D Printer”

This grant will enhance student learning with modern 3-D printer technology that allows students to design and build 3-D models for cellular biology, genetic replication, molecules and machines.


Julpha Maniquis-Dormitorio

Davis Magnet School

“Rarin’ to Read”

These books will have eager young readers “rarin’ to read!”  This grant will provide a rich, diverse array of    titles for beginning readers to delve into a variety of ways—whether in small group “book clubs,” whole class read-aloud or pure individual enjoyment.


Nicholas St. Royal

California Elementary School

“The String Beans”

Violins will be added to our school orchestra to create confident students who will learn to read music through music math exercises.


Lori Bell

Newport Heights Elementary School

“Reaching New Heights in Reading”

With a leveled classroom library, students will choose and read books at their individual reading level so that they are challenged, but not frustrated.


Diana Mendez

Wilson Elementary School

“Leveled Readers”

Accelerated Reader will assist students in developing the proper reading habits and strategies that will increase their reading comprehension, accuracy, fluency and vocabulary while using leveled books.

Linda King

College Park Elementary School

“Ticket to Read”

Students will interact in an engaging, game-like online environment where they earn “tickets” for achieving reading milestones as they build their reading skills.


Vikki Clifford

California Elementary School

“There’s No Sighing in Science!”

There is no sighing in science with exciting, engaging videos that supplement physical, life, earth, and health science experiences in the kindergarten classroom.


Katherine Burns

Eastbluff Elementary School

“iPads for Autism — Break The Silence”

Teachers serving students with autism will use iPads to plan research-based interactive lessons, collect timely and accurate data, and provide expanded learning opportunities for students.


Hilary Fish

Adams Elementary School

“Sensors SPARK Science Savvy”

Tablets, adapters and the SPARK App will integrate our existing sets of sensors into science experiments. Students will be able to measure and record data quickly with accuracy which will provide them with more information to draw their conclusions.


Deena Franko

Newport Heights Elementary School

“GREAT Books for Great Thinking!”

Jr. Great Books provide students with real, culturally     diverse literature and an opportunity to advance critical, reflective thinking through shared inquiry discussions.


Cheryl Roberts

Woodland Elementary School

“Step It Up With Marcy Cook Math”

Marcy Cook Math engages all learners in developing early math concepts through center activities for independent task time, involving all students in mathematical thinking.


Jenny Dory

Mariners Elementary School

“Kinder Students WILL Write (Without Tears)”

Teachers will utilize Handwriting Without Tears, a systematic, multi-sensory approach to printing.  Students will develop writing confidence and proper letter formation in a fun way!

Mary Oyster

Adams Elementary School

“Soaking Up Science”

This program will get our first graders ready for the national Common Core Content Standards by providing them with quality non-fiction texts to improve their knowledge in science and social studies.


Nancy Christensen

Andersen Elementary School

“Invitation to Investigation”

Students in grades 4-6 will be encouraged to explore solutions to real life problems utilizing science, technology, engineering, and math concepts while incorporating language arts and social studies.


Carrie Rose

California Elementary School

“iPad:  A Tool for Confident Readers”

Student use of an iPad as a vehicle for skill development in phonics, sight word recognition and fluency will improve reading comprehension across curricular areas.


Tammy Evans

College Park Elementary School

“Zip Zap Celsius”

Using the infrared thermometers, my student scientists will be able to quickly and accurately determine temperatures of any material during science lab experiments.


Angela Ivey

Davis Magnet School

“Making Math Fact Magicians”

Students will use a variety of resources that will engage, motivate, and support those struggling with rote memorization and retention of multiplication and division facts.


Renee Tedford

Harbor View Elementary  School

“Interactive Technology for Special Education Students”

This grant will bring high interest, interactive technology materials into the hands of special education students and neuro-typical peers to provide opportunities for differentiated instruction.


Holly Rauch

Lincoln Elementary School

“Read All About It”

“Read All About it” will create a library of informational books to promote high-level and high-interest reading and writing.


Jennifer Moss

Mariners Elementary School

“A Collection of Books for Advancing Readers”

Students will develop excellent reading strategies and build their comprehension skills by reading literature at their   level, thus becoming confident readers.


Elizabeth Sawyer-Ramos

Davis Magnet School

“Bringing Historical Fiction to Life”

Students will enjoy using iPad minis to record video book summaries and to research the time periods featured in historical fiction books.


Carol Lang

Newport Elementary School

“Let’s Dust It Up!”

Students will immerse themselves in both fiction and non- fiction selections that discuss the Dust Bowl era.  They will compile Dust Bowl “scrapbooks” and write essays explaining an aspect of this era they find interesting.


Shari Gaeta

Mariners Elementary School

“Starfall Fun”

Students will be engaged in learning foundational reading and writing skills through the use of Starfall.com created reading-writing journals and will also benefit from working at their own pace.


Jill Pherrin

Newport Heights Elementary  School

“Reading and Succeeding in Kindergarten”

Kindergarten students will be introduced to the joy of learning to read and write with Instant Learning centers that are Common Core Standard-based, hands-on, engaging, and fun!


Lucia Vincent

Woodland Elementary School

“Exploring Math Concepts”

First graders will develop basic number sense and problem-solving skills by exploring math concepts through the use of math manipulatives.


Cynthia Almeida

Davis Magnet School

“iFlash to Pass Reading and Mathematics”

My classroom scholars will have the opportunity to use the iPad Minis daily to help improve their reading level and  vocabulary knowledge using Scholastic’s Storia, as well as practicing math facts using the Flash to Pass application.


Janice Potter

Victoria Elementary School

“Making Language Come Alive”

Reading, writing, listening and speaking are keys to success in learning.  These skills will be improved through the use of technology to actively engage students.


Krista Williams

Lincoln Elementary School

“Community of Writers”

Community of Writers utilizes inspiring picture books as mentor texts for writing.  Students grow together as writers through rich discussions and activities.


Haviland Jennings

Wilson Elementary School

“Scholars in the Making”

This grant will provide students with a core library of      informational text design to address concepts and enhance skills outlined in the Common Core Standards.

Kristi Cortegana

Rea Elementary School

Physical Education Illumination”

It’s time to step up to the plate and illuminate!  Let’s bring Common Core and our higher-level thinking skills to the playground!   Students will benefit from team building activities and integration of academic subjects in a fun and enthusiastic way.


Sue McVeigh

Sonora Elementary School

Mathematical Reasoning with the Rekenrek”

This grant will allow the purchase of Rekenreks for all first graders and a teacher demonstration Rekenrek for each first grade teacher to use for strategic reasoning in math.  The Rekenrek is a great tool that allows children to develop number sense at their own pace.


Carolina Harmon

Wilson Elementary School

“Immediate Math Response”

Immediate response tools will increase student success through efficient individualized math practice, progress monitoring and data-driven instruction.


Kerri Bordelon

Newport Heights Elementary School

“Making Mighty Mathematicians!”

First graders will become “Mighty Mathematicians” using these math centers and manipulatives designed to meet the Common Core Math Standards!


Katelyn Danahy

Davis Magnet School

Amazing Adventures to Share Together”

Students will develop meaningful reading skills by allowing class book clubs to make selections from an Accelerated Reader Library.


Caryn Broesamle

Lincoln Elementary School

“Literature Library”

Literature Library will provide many highly-engaging, grade-appropriate book sets for whole class reading and practice of reading standards and strategies.


Julie Wheeler

Whittier Elementary School

“On The Fly”

This grant will allow second and third grade teachers to have a Ziggy document camera in their classroom.  Students will be able to receive immediate feedback on their learning.


Lear Denisi

Mariners Elementary School

“Preschool Social Skills

Our special education preschool class is for children with autism.  General education preschool children and children with diverse special needs can learn side by side!


Theresa Gonzales

Wilson Elementary School

“Passport to Reading”

This grant will be used to purchase informational texts across a broad range of subject areas to use in a classroom reading program.  Students will be inspired to read non-fiction, and a new world will open up for them.


Jennifer Hodgson

Whittier Elementary School

“Ziggy’s for Whittier!”

Ziggy’s for  Whittier School.  This grant will allow kindergarten and first grade teachers to each have a Ziggy document camera in their classroom.  Students will be able to receive immediate feedback on their learning.


Tamara Fairbanks

Mariners Elementary School

“Is It A Bone or a Stick?”

Instruments provide a vehicle for students to learn perseverance, patience and the process of working hard to achieve success.  Music enriches character development.


Donna Kratter

Wilson Elementary School

“Core Library”

Core Library provides informational texts that include prompts and online resources that directly engage students in development reading, writing, and speaking skills required by Common Core Standards.


Kari Rush

Ensign Intermediate School

“Phenomenal and Fun Physics!”

Students foster Common Core Standard skills by collaboratively designing and creating self-propelled vehicles demonstrating mastery of potential and kinetic energy and Newton’s Laws of Motion.


Juanita Priesand

Davis Magnet School

“Reading is Thinking & Writing is Thinking Clearly!”

This grant will have students interacting with their text through Daybooks. These journal-like books will promote daily reading and writing experiences through a variety of literature.


Jennifer Pawley

Wilson Elementary School

“Engaging iPads”

Mini iPads are an innovative and exciting tool to engage reluctant students in reading, writing, and math while improving their technology skills


Scott Fitzpatrick

Davis Magnet School

“Just Reed(s)!”

“Broken reed and rehearsal starting….How can I learn to read (music) without a reed?”  Students need a reed to learn to read!