In February of each year the Newport-Mesa Schools Foundation awards monetary grants to Teachers and other instructional personnel in the District. Applications for grants are received throughout the summer and in the fall grants are read and evaluated by a "readers committee".

Listed below are the " 2014 TEACHER GRANT" recipients:


Todd Metcalf, Ensign Intermediate School

“iPad for Common Core Math”

We will use an iPad and a selection of applications that will provide engaging Common Core Mathematics instruction to increase student learning.


Piper Davidsson , Lincoln Elementary

“We Make a Great Team!”

Students will practice teamwork and enhance athletic skills through a variety of games, sports, and exercises.


Irene E. Wotta, Davis Magnet School


Students sometimes find it challenging to put thoughts to       paper.  Using iPad applications, students will use technological support to organize, structure, proof and publish words.


Leigh Randall, College Park Elementary

”The Right Write White Board”

Students will have the amazing opportunity to collectively and individually develop their technological skills and enhance their learning across the curriculum with an interactive whiteboard.


Tiffany Metcalf, Wilson Elementary School

“Making Sight Words a Snap”

Making Sight Words a Snap will utilize SnapWords Teaching Cards to teach sight words visually, kinesthetically, and contextually to students in kindergarten through third grade.


Ginger Collins, Estancia High School

What in the World?  Newsmagazines for Teens”

Tenth graders use monthly magazines to engage Common Core language arts standards, raise awareness of current events, improve critical thinking, speaking, and reading skills.


Alison Walske, Adams Elementary School

Our State is Great!”

California history will come alive through a class subscription to Social Studies Weekly.  Fourth graders will explore our great state through standards-based lessons, activities, and high-interest stories.


Kenneth Boddy, Wilson Elementary School

A Percussion Discussion”

With the acquisition of a variety of percussion instruments, students will use cooperative learning to study and play music in class and in public performances.


Jamie Hardeman, California Elementary School

Leave ‘No Page’ Unturned!”

Students will leave ‘No page’ unturned with access to over 150 exciting interactive fiction and nonfiction Accelerated Reader E-Books of differing levels.


Jaymi Ropp, California Elementary School

We Succeed Because We Read!”

Students will have access to 300 progressive phonics books in a classroom reading library and a take-home checkout library.


Michelle Stefano, Newport Elementary School

Hip Hip Hooray!  We Have Math Centers Today!”

Students will be excited by and thrive during math centers.  Marcy Cook will help make math centers active, enjoyable and understandable for all students.


Shirley Kwan, Kaiser Elementary School

“Show What You Know!”

“Show What you Know!” will help students keep their minds moving and active.  They will be engaged in an interactive setting using student handheld responders.  This assessment technique will motivate students to be active and focused participants in their own learning!


Dorothy Hickson, Kaiser Elementary School

“Ready to Read”

This program is aligned with the Common Core standards and puts books in the hands of students to teach story elements and the central message.


Peggy Robert, Sonora Elementary School

Grab Your Responders!! It’s Math Time!

The “2Know! Classroom Response System” used with     Accelerated Math is an excellent tool for delivering differentiated instruction and assessment.  This system keeps every student excited and engaged in learning.


Amy Molstad, Kaiser Elementary School

“Foundations of Freedom”

This program will provide biographies and informational books to teach students about the founding of the United States, its symbols, and important historical figures.


Michelle Moricca, Health Services

Scan for Health”

Desk top scanners will allow school nurses access to student medical information electronically which will provide faster, safer care and health management for all students.


Jackie Ames, Costa Mesa High School

Revolutions of the Wheel”

Within each unit of study, the students will be introduced to new material and techniques used in the ceramic arts of the 19th century.  They will see and hear visual imagery through the documentary film series Revolutions of the Wheel.


Miki Andrew, Mariners Elementary School

Little Rodins”

Kindergarten students will become creative, enthusiastic clay sculptors through 10 different hands-on ceramic art lessons.


Chandra Prough, Lincoln Elementary School

Getting to the (Common) CORE of Non-Fiction”

Emergent readers need leveled non-fiction texts allowing them to make meaningful connections between texts and the world.


Djuna Gordon, Davis Magnet School

“Our Library Goes ‘Green’ ”

A special “Green” section in our library with K-6 grade-level books will teach our students about the importance of protecting our environment.


Corrie Rausch, Newport Harbor High School

Make it Work!”

There’s no greater gift than preparing special education students for success in the work place.   Successful employment is a gift that can last a lifetime.


Mahta Shafieha, Harbor View Elementary School

Click, Clack, Moo:  Kids that Type”

Proper keyboarding skills for students are imperative in preparing for the future.  From word processing to applying for college, being able to type efficiently is a step toward success.


Starla Silver Weiss, Newport Heights Elementary School

“ ‘Accelling’ Readers to the TOP”

With a leveled classroom library, students will choose and read books at their own appropriate level so that they are challenged but not frustrated.


Kelly Lopez, Davis Magnet School

Books for Building Balanced Readers”

Books for Building Balanced Readers will provide students with both literary and informational text for balanced reading comprehension skills.


Sita Perry, Newport Coast Elementary School

Read all About It!”

Students will be motivated to learn and think critically while reading intriguing yet informative stories that focus in the areas of science and social studies.


Karen Kirsch, Whittier Elementary School

“Close Encounters of the History Kind”

Students experience American history by recreating key historical events through Interact’s simulations of early American colonization and soldier life during the Civil War.


Cara Boyd, Mariners Elementary School

“Learning to the Kinder Core”

We’re learning to the ‘core’ in Kindergarten!  Students will master Common Core Language Arts Standards through ten highly engaging Social Studies and Science content areas!


Bernard Jain, Ensign Intermediate School

“VERY Cool Science”

Dry ice!  It doesn’t get much “cooler” than that in science, except actually watching the dry ice form right before your eyes.


Rosemarie Paguirigan-Steiner

Davis Magnet School

“Resources for Readers and Researchers”

Students will read and comprehend a spectrum of complex texts, asking questions throughout and answering them by searching for evidence, researching, and utilizing reference resources.


Cathie Schaeffer

Ensign Intermediate School

“Friendship and Kindness”

Intermediate school students grow into better citizens as they explore opportunities to promote Friendship and  Kindness and take a stand against bullying.


Kirby Piazza

Costa Mesa High School

“Yolo Logo”

The ‘YOLO’ LOGO project emphasizes Common Core principles of creating and innovation.  Students will research, propose, design, and create personal “logo” t-shirt designs that visually represent their interests and character.

Chris Hubbard

Mariners and Eastbluff Elementary Schools

“Scientific Hands-on and Minds-on Approach

to Critical Thinking”

Students will think critically and creatively about interesting problems that integrate their knowledge of science and engineering as they design, create, and improve solutions.


Thomas Shiskovsky

Davis Magnet School

“Djembe, A Great Little Drum With a Funny Name”

What is a Djembe?  A great little hand drum.  Students will be starting their day a-drumming which will help develop rhythmic creativity and stimulate musical expression.

Lindsay Messner

Newport Elementary School

“Fluency Fun At Your Fingertips!”

Reading fluency will be made fun at the fingertips of kindergarteners with Leapfrog Tag Readers—a fun and engaging way to LEAP into literacy learning!










Daniel T. Freese

Eastbluff Elementary School

“eExperience:  From Sea to Shining Sea”

Every student on campus will have an unprecedented opportunity experiencing virtual fieldtrips including historical sites, natural wonders, and extraordinary museums from across the United States.


Lisa Holman

Davis Magnet School


The Wipad Pro permits teachers to present remotely from an iPad and allows for circulation around the classroom and increased interaction with students.


Brian Ristow

TeWinkle Middle School


Through the use of iPads, students with special needs will be given access to the world of learning as never before.


Beth Snelgrove

Killybrooke Elementary School

“Help Me to Read and Count”

The Learning Program is a specialized literacy and math program designed for students with significant special needs to learn sight words, letters, numbers and coins.


Sarah Grenier

Ensign Intermediate School

“pBones, Please!”

Colorful trombones will inspire and motivate students to play low brass instruments in band.


Edwin F. Bell

Newport Harbor High School

“Unlocking the Mystery of the Modern Atomic Theory

Unlocking the Mystery of the Modern Atomic Theory:  Building Atoms One Proton, One Neutron, and One Electron at a time.

Pamela Marino Urbaniec

Mariners Elementary School

“Putting the ‘T & E’ in STEAM”

Expose elementary-aged students to technological and engineering literacy by integrating science, literacy, math, and social studies content with problem solving, teamwork, social responsibility and creativity.


Edie Archibald

Harbor View Elementary School

“Poquito Picassos”

A new classroom beginning visual arts program based on the California State’s Visual Arts Standards to teach the basic elements of visual art to kindergarten students using various art medias such as paint, pencils, pens, clay and paper.


Lori' (“Loray”) Shepler

Davis Magnet School

“Can You Hear Me Now?”

Every student deserves to hear like they are in the first row.  A voice sound system will increase student engagement and give students a voice.


Leslie Montejano

Newport Coast Elementary School

“ ‘GREAT’ Reading Leads to Scholars Succeeding!”

With a class set of Junior Great Books, fourth grade scholars will soar as critical thinkers with engaging stories that inspire discussion, debate and opportunities to become stronger communicators through reading, writing and speaking.

Dru Vanderburg

Harbor View Elementary School

“ ‘Keys’ to 21st Century Success”

21st century learning requires effective communication utilizing technology; therefore, keyboards with iPads will empower students to demonstrate mastery of critical thinking and create dynamic projects.


Jim Blackie

Ensign Intermediate School

“Forces, Physics and Fun!”

Students will work collaboratively to design, build and test a marble-run roller coaster that integrates Common Core State Standards, science, engineering and excitement.


Melissa Price

Adams Elementary School

“ ‘I can do it!’ - Building Independence For Students With Autism”

Students with autism will gain independence, success and confidence through individual work tasks at their ability level!


Teri Brudnak

Corona del Mar High School

“Art Library for Digital Arts Students”

By creating an Art library for Digital Arts students, we hope to obtain books and media that are up to date and relevant to our focus on digital art.  Students will use them for individual projects, and teacher for creating lessons.


Candice Woods

TeWinkle Middle School

Flipping for iPads:   Using iPads to Enhance Student

Accessibility to Math Content”

A reverse teaching model using iPads to deliver instruction at home through teacher-created videos leaving more time for hands-on, engaging lessons that Common Core math standards are requiring.


Bethany Allen

Eastbluff Elementary School

“Starting a New Chapter in Reading With Chapter Books”

Second grade students will meet their learning goals by transitioning from picture books to chapter books in a way that fosters imagination and critical thinking.

Natalie Hall

Woodland Elementary School

“C.O.R.E (Creating Outstanding Readers Everyday)

A new classroom library will allow students to build individualized book boxes.  Differentiated reading lessons will engage students based on reading and interest levels.


Carol Kidd

Wilson Elementary School

“Super Words”

Students will develop their vocabulary and reading comprehension as well as create vivid and detailed writing through the use of electronic dictionary/thesauri.


Anita Peacock

Victoria Elementary School

“Creating With Common Core in Kindergarten”

At the very heart of a powerful language arts program lies the relationship between literature, language and comprehension.  “Creating with Common Core Kindergarten” provides books for a comprehensive program.


Peggy Nguyen

Sonora Elementary School

“Literacy Materials to Support the Daily Five”

Listening center books and literacy materials to support students’ independent learning time throughout the instructional day to support the “Daily Five” structure and routines.


Aaron Harmon

Rea Elementary School

“Reaching for Rigorous Reading”

The goal is to develop lifelong readers through rigorous, deep reading designed to challenge and pique each reader’s interest through increasingly complex literature.


Valerie Davisson

Pomona Elementary School

“Every Child an Artist”

“Every Child an Artist” will bring a rich variety of high-quality art materials and deep instruction to every child,

making all subjects come alive!


Theresa Schneider

Killybrooke Elementary School

“Tap & Twirl Together”

A variety of child-safe percussion instruments and play scarves will be used in music class to engage special needs students in meaningful socialization activities


Tanya Madero

Davis Magnet School

“iRead with iPads”

iRead engages students and helps them to succeed in reading by easily transforming the classroom into a digital library.


Cynthia Fernald

College Park Elementary School

“Read All About It”
This multicultural library of enchanting stories helps students gain pride in themselves and increases their understanding of others.


Brian T. Hall

California Elementary School

“Taking A Bite Out of Core:

Teaching History Through Literacy”

Sixth grade students will read fiction and non-fiction historical novels tied to Common Core standards.  Culminating engaging scenarios and Socratic seminars will solidify student understanding.


Bridget Duffin

Adams Elementary School

“String Beings”

Students will learn to play the violin and cello in our elementary school orchestra and will perform in community performances.


Tim McFadden

TeWinkle Middle School

“Self-Assessing With Recording Technology”

This grant will purchase recording microphones and equipment for the TeWinkle Music Program so they can record their rehearsals and concerts.



Linda Swanson

Mariners Elementary School

“Will You Please Read To Me?”

First graders will be able to listen to engaging fiction and nonfiction literature narrated by animated storytellers.  All students will hold and interact with the book.